Bernice L. McFadden explores the resiliency of the human spirit in #TheBookofHarlan

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| March 24 2016,

12:04 am

I was fortunate to receive an early copy of Bernice L. McFadden’s upcoming novel, The Book of Harlan. After reading her previous novel Gathering of Waters, a historical fiction tale surrounding the life of Emmett Till, with themes of animism and its presence in a family from Money, Mississippi , I was more than excited to dive into McFadden’s latest offering.

“Son, I don’t hate anyone. That’s not to say that I don’t have it in me. I believe we all got it in us—but whenever I feel it trying to climb out, I […] am reminded that love is more powerful than hate will ever be.”

Be sure to pick up your copy of The Book of Harlan May 3rd!

Published: 2016 Publisher: Akashic Books Pages: 342

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