13 Things we're learning and loving about the #QueenSugar production

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| February 24 2016,

04:09 am

1. The writer Natalie Baszile and Ava Duvernay are #BlackGirlMagic goals

2. Rutina Wesley is playing Nova Bordelon

3. And this leading man Kofi Siriboe is playing Ralph Angel  👀

4. Bianca Lawson just joined the cast, along with Greg Vaughan and Henry G. Sanders

5. Dondré Whitfield too

6. Oprah is having fun

7. 'Mississippi Damned' writer and director Tina Mabry is a producer on the project and wrote episode 2

8. Ava Duvernay shut down all questions about how to do inclusion... by doing it #InclusiveCrew

9. From the post-production department heads

10. To the man with the sound

11. To the digital imaging technician, aka the cinematographer's righthand

12. And Ava is reminding Hollywood that she did not come here to play with y'all.

13. Also, if you're in NoLA you can be an extra!

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