#S4MBlerds Celebrates Women’s History Month: Bumblebee the OG

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| March 29 2016,

03:46 am

In honor of the hashtag #BlackWomenHistoryMonth, we've been celebrating our favorite black heroines and villains.

Who is Bumblebee?

What gives the Bee her sting?

  • Her Cybernetic Helmet - Attached to Bumblebee’s mind and spin, this helmet empowers Bumblebee by granting her access to electricity through solar power.
  • Her Eyepieces - In some iteration of Bumblebee, Bumblebee is wearing goggles within her cybernetic helmet and within these goggles are these “eyepieces” that are actually quartz prisms that discharge energy similar to that of a bee sting.  
  • Her Exoskeleton - AKA her wings. They allow ya girl Bumblebee to fly, inhance her movement and agility, and grant her some serious vibration abilities that allow her to disrupt sound (sonic disruption). These bad boys also act as much-needed body armor. She can also produce very powerful hypersonic blasts.

The Teen Titans

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