"I need to start my own firm." -Yondi K. Morris via Twitter, founding partner at KMR Law Group

And the rest is history.  A Chicago based boutique law firm, focused on the "importance of building and maintaining strong bonds" began with total strangers on Twitter. Morris, an experienced attorney took to Twitter after an uncomfortable moment at a contract position. She tells ELLE that a partner referred to her as a slave. Out of principle, and realizing it was time to step out on her own, Morris sent the tweet that caught Keli L. Knight's attention. The two initiated a meeting, with Knight bringing along a friend, Jessica Reddick. After a productive meeting at Starbucks, the rest would soon fall into place

The doors to KMR Law Group opened one year later. In that time, the trio launched a Los Angeles office as well as a staffing agency for experienced attorneys. In an already male dominated industry, the number of African American women running things in the courtroom is a minority on its own. Realizing the need for diversity in law and solid legal representation, Morris knows all too well about having to show up full force to balance the scale of justice ahead of the competition

via ELLE: "We have to make our presence known in a room. There are preconceived notions not only about women and African Americans, but also about young people. We're all in our early thirties. We're not traditional attorneys, so sometimes we do have to do a little extra to prove ourselves. We studied hard. We're here for a reason." For a firm with its roots planted on social media, the platform continues to keep them connected with each other and the community

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