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We’re quickly approaching a new year, and hopefully 2021 brings more blessings than 2020. We still have so much left to do when it comes to fighting for justice, the end of police brutality, white supremacy, racism, economic equality and so much more. But in the meantime, I would like to keep you all positively informed, mentally stimulated and as at ease as you can be.

Below are 10 podcasts that will keep you up-to-date on current events, deliver some laughs and educate you as we zoom into 2021.

1. Therapy for Black Girls

The Therapy for Black Girls podcast, hosted by licensed Psychologist Dr. Joy Harden, is a weekly chat about all things concerning mental health, personal development and the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

2. NPR’s Code Switch

What’s Code Switch? It’s fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for! Hosted by journalists of color, the podcast tackles the subject of race head-on. It explores how race impacts every part of society — from politics and pop culture to history, sports and everything in between.

3. Black Wall Street Today

The Black Wall Street Today (BWST) radio show is focused on all things Black entrepreneurship and hosted by Virginia Tech alumnae Blair Durham, co-founder and co-President of Black BRAND. BWST occurs live in the studios of the historic and prestigious HBCU Hampton University. The BWST podcast is produced by using selected audio from the radio show and other Black BRAND events.

4. Earn Your Leisure

Hosted by Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, Earn Your Leisure gives you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. The hosts also break down business models and examine the latest trends in finance. It’s a college business class mixed with pop culture.

5. Black Queens Uncut

Black Queens Uncut provides real and honest conversation about culture, sex, dating, grinding and everyday life between four Black women. The series is hosted by Nakia Richardson, TK Trinidad, Candie Marie and Monique Loveless.

6. The Wayne Ayers Podcast

Wayne Ayers, founder of Where Is The Buzz TV, has a passion for developing the potential of new media to transcend traditional norms. The outlet is growing rapidly with a combined following of over 200,000 on their social media platforms.

7. The Black Girl Podcast

The Black Girl Podcast is an audio series created by Scottie Beam (@scottiebeam on twitter/IG), Gia Peppers (@giapeppers), Sapphira (@sapphiraem), Bex (@BexxFrancois), and Alysha P (@AlyshaP819/@AlyshaP). After the five media phenoms met and became friends at hip-hop's most iconic station, Hot 97, they decided to make their hilarious conversations about life issues, sisterhood, pop culture, love, growth and the pursuit of their dreams to the public.

8. UNDUNN Podcast

UNDUNN, hosted by entertainment journalist and host Ashley Dunn, is a stripped down and unfiltered series about people whose plans didn’t go as planned, but somehow found a way to push through and become the best version of themselves. Each week guests unpack their stories and speak to how their life’s plans became undone and how they used it to propel them forward.

9. Dear Black Girl Podcast

Hosted by Unique Chapman, Dear Black Girl is an audio podcast series that explores the intimate and universal experience of music and the way it’s connected to our memories. Various Black women take listeners on a raw and honest journey back in time to revisit poignant moments in their lives that will forever be linked with a song.

10. Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

Emmy award-winning producer, actor and comedian Larry Wilmore is back on the air, hosting a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports and beyond.