Ain't nothing like a good challenge to test your gangster or a set of skills you might possess, but how far are we willing to go? The latest internet phenomenon, the Bird Box Challenge, derived from the film of the same name.

The movie Bird Box became popular over the 2018 winter holidays. Since its premier, the film has become notable for its blindfold scenes. Some people have attempted the challenge by doing simple activities, like household chores or playing sports—all while blindfolded. Others are doing dumb s**t, like driving cars.

Many of the challenges became so ignorant, Netflix even made a public appeal via Twitter:

The Bird Box Challenge is not the only internet challenge to come under scrutiny for its dangerous antics, and all internet challenges aren’t foolish. Many are gut-busting, cute and charitable. Here are 10 attention-grabbing internet challenges that are both dumb and dumber, yet for better or worse.