nullInstallment number 3 of the "10 Questions" series introduced about a week ago. Barry Jenkins and Seith Mann were numbers 1 (HERE) and 2 (HERE), both well-received across the blogosphere.

Continuing on with the series today is Ms Victoria Mahoney; like Barry and Seith, another name that should be immediately familiar to most of you, given how much we've written about this ab-fab filmmaker and her feature film debut, Yelling To The Sky, which stars Zoe Kravitz.

The film debuted at the Berlinale earlier this year and has since literally traveled the world, playing the film festival circuit and picking up acclaim and fans along the way; and rightfully so, as I noted in my review of it, Yelling To The Sky creates a world that’s so vivid and raw that I was sucked in and totally immersed in it, from its riotous opening frames, unrelenting until the cathartic close.

The film was acquired for theatrical distribution, and will be released during the first half of 2012.

Without a doubt, Ms Mahoney has our attention 🙂

And without further ado, following below are her answers to my 10 randomly-selected questions! (Thanks Victoria for participating):

1. Typical impulse buy(s)?

Chocolate /& Photography Books. (Quantity, subject to time of day).

2. Film guilty pleasure?

Action-Noir; Le Femme Nikita(1990), Sexy Beast, Old boy(2003), Gangsta no1, Yellow Sea…

3. I’m a director, but if I were to act, I’d love to be directed by this director.

Lucrecia Martel.

4. The view outside my bedroom windows looks like this…

An aged, three story tree, with leaves the size of my face. Once a year, purple flowers surface from brown flattened chestnut looking pods.

5. Current episodic TV show I absolutely cannot miss…

Breaking Bad.

6. If I could live in one city in the world, it would be this one…

(4way tie) New York, London, Berlin, Oakland.

7. Carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

Decade dependent.

8. I own every single album by this musician…

1) John Coltrane!! 2)Alison Mosshart (Dead Weather &The Kills).

9. If you had 30 minutes in a room with a Hollywood studio executive with omnipotent power, how would you use that time?

Not in a room. I'd promptly take them to a driving range; repeatedly hit no less than 125ft with my left hand. Just when they think, they have me figured, I'd reverse stance and hit no less than 125ft with my right hand. If their golf swing was also of equal force with either hand, well then we would find ourselves–on level playing field.

10. I want my tombstone to read…

They said, "You were a dark horse, because you rode the land alone." But you know, I think the real reason is–you were always riding home.