The day I discovered Quinta B, I was delivered — taken to church. It was almost as if God bestowed an angel in my presence. That angel just so happened to be a short, hilarious Black woman. She just makes me want to do better with my jokes, my hair, my clothes and my life.  Because of that, it only makes sense to spell out the 10 reasons Quinta B should be your bae.

1. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

2. She’s hilarious, sarcastic and straightforward. #TripleThreat

3. Her and her bae are the perfect couple. #CoupleGoals

4. She understands the petite girl struggle. #StandinSolidarity

5. Her hair game is so strong. #TeachMeTheWaysOfTheCurl

6. Her fashion game is on fleek.

7. She shows you how to look cute, throw shade and sip tea in one picture. #HowSheDoThatTho

8. She knows how to take the best selfie. 

9. She knows the struggle when you’re stalking someone on Instagram and you accidentally double tap. Yikes. #Me

10. Lastly, she’s a Black woman slaying the game as a Video Producer for Buzzfeed, one of the most popular media companies of this generation. #LifeGoals


If I could be Quinta B for a day, life would be perfect. She’s short, funny and extremely accomplished. She’s a great role model for girls, and my life goals are to be just like her. I’m short and funny, so I’m almost there. I just need to become a Buzzfeed sensation, no biggie right? Now let me go perfect my twist-out and buy some new clothes.

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