I’m not sure what rock I’ve been hiding under for all these years but I’m glad I found my way out from under it. About two weeks ago I purchased my first container of shea butter. I wanted to know what all the raving and ranting was all about and now I’m a believer. This stuff is liquid gold.

This stuff is liquid gold.

I’ve used it for moisturizing my hair and skin, but after doing some research I realized that this container has unlimited uses. Here are 11 reasons why shea butter is a must-have:

  1. It can stop frizz and define curls.

    It’s no secret that many naturalistas have already discovered why this product is an essential. Especially when those curls begin to run free. Shea butter can definitely help you gain control over your luscious tresses.

  2. It can help your perfume last longer.

    I don’t know about you all but my perfume wears off so easily. When you add shea butter to those pressure points, it helps keep your fragrance alive for much longer.

  3. It can be used as a base for eye shadow.

    For those of us who are into makeup, here’s a super easy and inexpensive way to make your eye shadow pop. Add a little bit of shea butter to your eyelids before using your eye shadow. Once you do, you’ll notice that your color choice will be more vibrant and will even last longer.

  4. It helps relieve stretch marks.

    For pregnant women or anyone who gained or lost a few pounds, stretch marks are a concern that shea butter can naturally help to prevent or cure with regular use.

Photo: vanishstretchmarks.com
  1. It can brighten your smile.

    We all know about peroxide and baking soda. But did you know that shea butter can help to lighten that smile of yours as well? You’re welcome.

  2. It’s soothing for bug bites.

    If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you know bugs can be viscous. But there’s no need to worry. If you happen to get a mosquito bite, shea butter will help to soothe and relieve itching and swelling.

  3. It can moisturize and naturally plump your lips.

    Not only does shea butter help to keep those lips silky smooth, but it also helps to give them the extra “umph” they need to stand out.

Photo: humblebeeandme.com
  1. It can give your skin a boost of antioxidants.

    This stuff is packed with Vitamins A and E, as well as other antioxidants that can protect your skin. These ingredients work together to protect the skin from harsh ultraviolet radiation.

  2. It can help when you’re sick.

    If you’re anything like me, you hate having a cold. Especially when your nose is congested and you feel miserable. Shea butter is a great item to have handy during these times. Adding shea butter into the opening of your nostrils can make those airways clear quickly.

  3. It can hide those eye bags.

    We all get tired and sometimes it shows. Grab some shea butter to use under your eyelids. It can help reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Photo: madamenoire.com

Regardless of how I stumbled upon it, I’m happy I did. I’m convinced that shea butter is an essential home good. Its many uses makes the money spent so worth it!


What’s your favorite use for shea butter? Let us know in the comments below!