Whether while watching live or via the glorious viral internet reactions, we all felt the awkward pain and frustration of Stacey Dash’s appearance at the Oscar’s this past Sunday evening. After still being thoroughly confused and rightfully irritated by Ms. Dash’s existence, I’ve decided it's due time for me to compile a list of kickass ladies who can help this crazy woman check herself before she further wrecks herself.

  1. Maxine Shaw 

    Photo: Tumblr
    Max was without a doubt the OG feminist and always had sassy words of wisdom for the crew, making her biting wit a prime weapon against nonsense.
  2. Sofia

    Photo: Tumblr
    All her life she had to fight, but she’ll kill anyone dead before they get rid of black history month.
  3. Denise Huxtable

    Photo: Tumblr
    With her bohemian smarts and thirst for justice, this Huxtable is leading the charge against foolish ignorance.
  4. Bernadine Harris

    Photo: Tumblr
    Angela Bassett alone could have made this list, but we’ll let this gif speak for itself.
  5. Cookie Lyon

    Photo: AOL
    One look from this ruthless woman and you’ll be KO-ed faster than a game of Mortal Kombat — SLAY, COOKIE, SLAY!
  6. Rochelle

    Photo: Tumblr
    With the undeniable power of black motherhood she could strike the fear of god into any unsuspecting human being.
  7. Celie

    Photo: Pinterest
    Though incredibly soft-spoken and misguided throughout most of The Color Purple, no one can deny the deeply satisfying strength she gains by the end of the film — you tell 'em girl.
  8. Clair Huxtable

    Photo: Buzzfeed
    She had her entire family (and audiences watching at home) in the palm of her hand — forever our favorite mom that we would never even think of crossing.
  9. Khadijah James

    Photo: Tumblr
    Homegirl always knew what was up. She was more often than not the hearty laugh and voice of reason we so desperately needed.
  10. Annalise Keating

    Photo: Tumblr
    With the wave of a gun and some elaborate genius plan she would have Stacey in line quicker than she could say BET.

Let us know in the comments below if we missed anyone you would add to such a powerful task force!

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