Exclusive image of what happens when you try to minimize a black woman.


Yeah, it's pretty laughable. At any given moment, we stay ready to flex our intellect. Be it racism, gentrification, education, politics, etc. — we'll meet you there.


White supremacy runs rampant, but we're not here for it. Here are 10 moments when Black women eloquently obliterated white men who tried to silence them.

1. That time Tamron Hall had to reintroduce herself to Tim Carney.

YouTube | benravensfan02

"Fifty years ago I was a much tougher kid, probably, than Mitt Romney was in high school." — Tamron Hall

2. Rep. Maxine Waters' response to Bill O'Reilly.

YouTube | Defeat Donald Trump In 2020

Rep. Waters is known for her incomparable clapback game, especially when it comes to the nonsense from the current White House administration. She issued a sermon and benediction with her response to criticisms about her hair from Bill O'Reilly. 

"I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated." — Rep. Waters

3. That time Angela Rye quoted the gospel according to Beyoncé in a live exchange with Corey Lewandowski.

YouTube | Trap News

Rye is not one to bite her tongue, and shows no signs of ever doing so. She shined during the most recent political firestorm called the 2016 Presidential Election. 

4. Oprah's entire career.

YouTube | OWN

The first Black woman ever to have a nationally syndicated talk show, superseding her white male counterparts. 

5. Gloria Richardson vs. Guardsmen

A Civil Rights icon in her own right, Ms. Richardson's face says it all. "Not today."

6. Them too.

Photo credit: New York Daily News

Three women from the Tougaloo Nine hauled way into custody following a 1960's sit-in at the whites-only Jackson, Mississippi library. Cool, calm and collected.

7. That time Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie had to define racism.

YouTube | BBC Newsnight

The Nigerian born author and feminist takes down this guy oh so pleasantly.

 “I'm sorry, but as a white man, you don't get to define what racism is; you really don't.” — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

8. Crissle vs. An Audience Member

YouTube | WNYC

She co-hosts "The Read". Naturally, this was Crissle's light work.

"She got on TV in blackface and decided that that was funny and it's not. And you as a white man, trying to tell me that my feelings are invalid because I don't know her, is a crock of shit!"  — Crissle

9. Chescaleigh on why it's not that simple for Black people to call 911.

YouTube | chescaleigh

Chescaleigh's message to the former NYPD Commissioner should go on a t-shirt. 

"Please enlighten us Ray. What are we supposed to do so that we can act like good Negros and not get killed?" — Chescaleigh

10. Harriet Tubman's Life and Legacy


Goals AF.