Being a business owner is difficult, but being a Black business owner comes with a different level of stress. We live in a society that promotes overworking in order to see results, which leads many of us to burn out rather quickly.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to encourage all business owners to take time for your mental health and self-care. Neglecting to do so can negatively impact your business.

"Creativity, mental clarity and the overall thought process are all impacted when you neglect your mental health,” says psychiatrist Dr. Dawn Brown. Dr. Brown is a pioneer of the Mental Health Movement, best-selling author and ADHD coach.

Don’t fall prey to the false perception that you’ll only achieve success if you work yourself to death. When you’re making plans for your business, be sure to make some for your mental health as well. In order to ensure that your plan to success is well-rounded, take into account these 10 ways to manage your mental health: