Tammy Slaton of 1000-lb Sisters is in a bit of baby mama drama involving her ex-boyfriend, Phillip and his children’s mother.

Slaton was dating Phillip Redmond, who had talked about dating women who are less than 300 pounds. This landed him on the questionable list for Slaton’s sister, Amy.

Amy felt as though Phillip was a hindrance to Slaton’s progress and health. “I’m trying to motivate Tammy, because I do have my worries about Phillip, the new boyfriend,” Amy shared on an episode of 1000-lb. Sisters. “He loves big women, but she needs to lose this weight.”

Then, Slaton revealed to Amy that she and Phillip were no longer an item.

“We broke up,,” she told her. “I guess you could say I did it, cause I was tired of fighting with him and he said my insecurities were my problem. And, like, at the beginning of the relationship I told him, I was like, can you promise you’ll help me through my insecurities. He said it got to be too much.”

In a subsequent episode, Slaton shared stories of alleged harassment and going as far as calling the police. Slaton alleged Phillip was jealous when she posted a picture of her with another dude on social media.

Now, the mother of Phillip’s children attempted to clear the air regarding her ex.

In an interview with TV Shows Ace, the children’s mother shared that Slaton and Phillip’s relationship was supposed to be only for social media.

“I normally wouldn’t do this but Tammy is a lying piece of garbage,” she told the outlet. “She is lying on Phillip, which is the father of my 2 children. I normally do not entertain mess like this but Tammy took it too far when she proceeded to go on television and say that the father of my children threatened her and stalked her. That is totally not true at all. Phillip broke things up with Tammy because she wanted him to leave his family for her when she knew their ‘relationship’ was strictly a TikTok relationship.”

She said he asked Tammy to leave him alone.

She continued, “He never threatened her and yes she lied when she said she broke up with him when the truth was he asked her repeatedly to leave him alone because she was literally calling him back to back nonstop and he never got mad about anything she was doing because she was never his girlfriend. She knew he had a family so that was definitely a lie he never was angry.”

1000-lb. Sisters airs weekly on TLC.