We cease to marvel at the one-stop shop nature of Instagram, particularly when it comes to food flicks and the culinary creators behind such works of art. But for those looking to get great recipes without the expensive cookbooks, look no further. The thriving foodie culture on Instagram gives you that and so much more. Here are 11 foodies who will inspire you to get your dietary life right and learn how to chef it up your damn self.

1. Kaluhi's Kitchen

This Kenyan foodie knows how to turn simple dishes like potato wedges into full course meals.

2. icanyoucanvegan

Food blogger and photographer Desirée globe treks in search of the best vegan dishes the world can offer.

3. Kezia Eniang

Eniang is a British food blogger, YouTuber and travel addict who specializes in easy to make and delicious West African dishes. She also has a great recipe for ribs.

4. Chop It Up with Gabb

Dallas-based chef Gabb shows off her grilling skills and love for Southern cuisine on her profile. You can find everything from chicken and waffles, crab legs to a slew of Southwestern-inspired dishes.

5. Tat's Pots

Tatiana Priester can not only chef it up, but she can also help you lay out your next meal. If you want some new takes on classics like shrimp and grits or need help arranging your nutrition plan for the week, this East Coast culinary queen has got your back. 

6. chef___rob

Robert Walker is a Philly-based foodie specializing in Italian, soul and, of course, the Philly cheesesteak.

7. shooterz_kitchen

This South West London catering service shares delectable-looking jerk, seafood and gourmet dishes on the 'gram.

8. chefdsmall

Chef D. Small shows off his skills by giving onlookers a look inside his process, particularly when it comes to his Caribbean-inspired dishes. 

9. TheGlamKitchen

This Atlanta-based foodie wants to help teach millennial women how to be independent. Her work includes Southern dishes like greens, chicken and cornbread.

10. redefinedworth

Samira Jones turns vegan meals into gourmet dining experiences. Just take a look at what she did with jackfruit. Jones has a knack for innovation and creativity. 

11. edenthefoodie

Eden is a food writer and founder of Black Foodie. She highlights the work of talented black chefs and food addicts through her work. And she celebrates her Ethiopian culture on her profile.

If you aren't geeked to get your dietary life right by this point, we're really not sure what to tell you.