If you’re like me, you’re guilty of getting entirely too involved when watching your favorite movies — shouting back at the screen, becoming emotionally involved with the characters you love, as well as the characters you love to hate.

Photo: gifsec
Photo: gifsec

Chances are this means you know the most turn up moments in these classics:

1. ATL

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Photo: giphy

Not the necklace! I fell out of my seat when T.I. yanked that baby chain off of New New’s (I mean Erin’s) neck. It was a classic hood heartbreak maneuver and brings laugh-tears to me often. Savage.

2. Family That Preys

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I don’t condone domestic violence, but Lawdamercy that slap reverberated throughout our collective consciousness.

3. Why Did I Get Married?

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Angela was ratchet for burning her husband, but the way she finessed his confession of cheating, and that self-satisfied smirk when she confessed that she was the one that gave him the STD was cinematic perfection. “Boom!”

4. Save the Last Dance

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“Preach!” I snapped my fingers in agreement when Kerry straightened out ol’ girl, letting her know she needed to check her white privilege.

5. Waiting to Exhale

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Yaaaaaaasssss! I promise, if my man leaves me for a white woman I’ll recreate this scene with zero remorse.

6. Love & Basketball

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I often whisper, through tears, along with Omar Epps when he says, “double or nothing.”

7. Set It Off

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Cleo went out classically. Now, it’s hard to call a death scene a turn up, but the fact that Cleo fought back until the very end gets me so hype.

8. Obsessed

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We can all agree that Beyonce cannot act, but this scene here! Her third ward trill came out with that line.

9. The Player’s Club

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Ok, I’m just now realizing that infidelity is trending in this post. But from Diamond pulling out the gun to that bathroom door soliloquy, this scene was turn up from start to finish.

10. Soul Food

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“F the FAMILY!!!!” Just when you thought the scene couldn’t get more intense, the knife gets pulled! *sigh * Cheating reveals are the best. Praise hands emoji.

11. Sister Act 2 

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“When Jesus waaaa-” *ahem* “Oh Happy Day!”