Summer’s officially here, and the heat and humidity makes the idea of shaving your head more tempting than ever. Whether you’re relaxed or natural, a full head of hair on your neck can be hot — not to mention what a pain it is to keep your wash-and-go or perm looking right despite the humid air. Instead of beginning to resent your hair, look into a DIY protective style to last you anywhere from a day to a few weeks. The Blavity team will be at Essence Festival in early July, and you can bet that more than a few of us will be rocking protective styles to help us survive the NOLA climate. Check out some beautiful options below:

1. Havana twists

2. Senegalese twists

3. Box braids

4. Halo braid 

Pro tip: This style is great for when your straightened style starts to revert or when your curls have been stretched out all week.

5. Crochet braids

6. Satin-lined cap 


(Ok, this one isn’t really DIY. But if the price on these is too steep, you can certainly sew some satin on the inside of your favorite hat for a DIY spin.)

7. Crochet braided pigtails

8. Bantu knots

9. Wrapped in a scarf

10. Ghana braids

11. Goddess braid bun

Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And join us at Essence Fest in New Orleans July 1-4, 2016.

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