Winter is officially here and with temperatures across the country hitting record lows, this season is showing absolutely no chill! Just in time for the freezing cold foolery, here are 11 tips to get your mind right for the impending hibernation:

1.First things first, stay moisturized. The ash is real out here!

comedy chappelle show lotion ashy larry

2. Stay boo’d up as much as possible

HULU love abc amor romance
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3. If your recruitment efforts were unsuccessful this cuffing season, no worries. Blankets, pillows and snuggly stuffed animals make for a cozy substitute.

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4. Tis the season for binge watching your favorite shows.

television portlandia binge binge watching binge watch
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5. Your chances of getting a yes to that ‘Netflix and Chill’ invite are substantially increased.

netflix and chill
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6. If you’re going to be trapped indoors, might as well use your time productively to organize and clean house.

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7. If going outside becomes necessary be sure to mentally prepare yourself for the foolery.

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8. Layer up!

winter cold a christmas story coat bundle up

9. Winter is the perfect time to catch up on your reading list.

Reading Rainbow art kids books teacher
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10. Binge eating feels so right.

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11. If you can’t find the motivation to brave the elements and hit the gym…

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Photo: The Coli

12. You can always channel your inner Teyana Taylor from the comfort of your own home.

kanye west teyana taylor fade music video

13. If you’re not a winter person, remember, in the words of the late great Maya Angelou, “This too shall pass.”

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Stay bundled, make the best of it and remember, spring is just a few short months away!

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