The internet is a haven for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) folks because it allows the community to connect in a world that doesn't always understand them. LGBTQ influencers are possible models for people who need to see someone like them living their truth. Here are eleven of our favorite Instagram stars who are changing the world one perfect post at a time.

1. Team 2 Moms

First known as Olivia Has Two Moms, Ebony and Denise are YouTubers who have been documenting the growth of their family. The couple covers a variety of topics from relationships, conceiving as a lesbian couple and even reactions to pop culture phenomena. They also have three cute kids: five-year-old Olivia and one-year-old twins Jayden and Lucas.

2. Devin-Norelle

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Non binary is a realm in which countless gender alternatives transcending the gender binary live. It's about exploring how the genders man and woman can co-exist as one; it is also about exploring your genders (or nongenders) beyond those two options. Overall, it's a journey of feeling yourself out and self determination. Many people believe that non binary is a new idea and that nonbinary folks are a fad. Non binary people are not a fad, a gimmick or a new concept. We have existed across various cultures for several centuries. Our identities were suppressed by imperialism and as a result, nonbinary people seem to be a recent phenomena to mainstream society, but we've existed almost as long as civilization. Furthermore, it is commonly assumed that non binary people don't desire to medically transition. While this is true for many people, many of us do take steps to medically transition, including myself. My transition does not make me feel any more of a man, or any less of a woman. I continue to feel strongly as both some days, and as neither on other days. ~~ ???? @akcorlette for them. & GLAAD's #BeyondtheBinary Campaign Hair by @selph_fecit , thanks boo!

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Devin-Norelle is a writer, activist and model. Ze identifies as non-binary and uses ze/zim/zis pronouns. Zis IG account is a collection of pop culture observations, social justice and eye candy. 

3. GotDamnZo

Chances are you've seen a video of Zo reacting to something crazy or used a gif of him showing hoodlum the door. He has a whole Instagram account outside of those clips for people who can't get enough of his shenanigans. 

4. Danielle A. Cooper

If you're into fashion for masculine-of-center women, you HAVE to follow Danielle A. Cooper. Her impeccable fashion sense is great if you need some inspiration for your 'fit. 

5. Dexter Mayfield

Plus-size male model Dexter Mayfield set the internet ablaze when he stomped down Marco Marco's runway during New York Fashion Week 2015. One look at his page shows he's living his best life and staying booked. 

6. Harper Watters

Black ballerinas are hard to find. Black male ballerinas are even rarer. Black, gay and a ballerina? Thank the dance gawds for Harper Watters. He makes us want to squeeze into a leotard and dancin' shoes. 

7. Munroe Bergdorf

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"The most amazing thing about transitioning is I have a consistency with my feelings. Before I transitioned, there would be sparks of me feeling myself or feeling sexy, but now I basically feel sexy all the time. I know this sounds bold, but it’s something that I’ve worked for. I worked on my self-confidence, my self-image. Considering how I dealt with anorexia and gender dysphoria and self-harming when I was younger, I worked hard to see myself how I see myself now. I better feel sexy all the time. On a daily basis, I feel confident and assured, and I feel ultimately that confidence is sexy." . Taken from interview with @playboy. . ???? @indrekgaletin, Hair @naturally_immaculate, Makeup @maggie_hunt_makeup_artist, Styling @jeanpaulpaula.

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Munroe was the first trans face of L'Oreal, but she was subsequently let go after she spoke out against white supremacy. She's just as opinionated and outspoken on Instagram. 

8. Adrienne Muse aka Madame Muse

If you're looking to buy some art, check out Adrienne's page. She and her wife J produce gorgeous paintings that will brighten up any wall. Muse has something for every taste including scenes from our favorite black movies and erotic art. 

9. Travis Alabanza

London-based trans-feminine activist Travis Alabanza makes activism look easy and damn good. Their Instagram account shows off their impeccable fashion sense and creative eye. 

10. Gabrielle Richardson

Gabrielle is one of the creative minds behind the Art Hoe Collective, a group that showcases the art of queer people of color. Her personal page is a hub of hair, fashion and art goals. 

11. The King of Highlight

This makeup artist's skills are unmatched, and his highlight will blind you. His fashion game is on point, too. Basically, his IG page is flawless.