If you haven’t discovered the greatness that is Mrs. Tina Lawson, you’re missing out. Beyoncé and Solange’s mother gives us a daily dose of black girl magic and snatched grandma with ease. She’s the perfect person to follow on Instagram because if you pay close attention, you can learn keys to living a truly lit life.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

1. She can tie Beyonce lyrics to the word of God and reminds us that we can do all things.

You better let your captions preach to us, Mama Tina!

2. She reminds us that staying humble keeps us looking young.

I got the key to the City , but I don’t think it opens a darn thing😄

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3. She’s always down for showing a natural sister how to keep a cute curl.

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4. She reminds us that there’s nothing quite like the support of a mother, especially one who wears Prada sneakers.

5. She teaches us to never stop wearing your crown and to straighten your man’s crown every now and then.

Today on our anniversary I am his Queen and he is my King❤️

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6. She teaches us to keep it hot and cute. Most importantly she gives us another key to life in her caption, NEVER lose your inner fire. Stay fiery, Mama Tina!

I love orange red it’s my favorite color . It’s fiery like me😄mani and pedi day!

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7. She reminds us that God loves the children, especially Destiny’s Children.

She rides for Kelly like Kelly is a Knowles. Then in the caption, she does what we all sometimes attempt to do, throw shade at the feet of those haters who forgot who we are and what we are about. Mama Tina comes through with a good read teaching people who Kelly isn’t and who she is at the same time. Mama Tina is a great example of throwing shade with grace.

8. She teaches us to never take ourselves too seriously.

We look like members of The Adams Family😄

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I mean who else can crack a joke on themselves in a pic with Queen Bey? No one but Mama Tina.

9. She teaches us to bring a child up in the way in which they should go. Blue is learning early how to slay like only a child of Queen Bey and grandchild of Mama Tina can.

10. She teaches us that it is never too late to find true love, even for the second time.

When you are trying to do something serious and profound and your spouse is clowning in the background 😔

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As if Beyoncé’s song “Ring Off” wasn’t enough of an homage to her mother, Mama Tina shows us that it takes strength to live out those lyrics. “Until you had enough then you took that ring off. You took that ring off. Oh now the fun begins, dust yourself off and you love again. You found a new man now you shine and you fine like it’s my time, you took that ring off.” 

11. Forgiveness is the best gift you can give yourself. But make sure you are snatched and beat to capacity when you do.

In New Orleans with Solange❤️

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With the gorgeous Letoya Luckett, at the luncheon . Her new tv show is great !

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Not many of us can be in the same room with our ex or someone who we no longer consider a member of our personal or professional movement. But Mama Tina shows us that you can be strong enough to be in the room and stand strong in forgiveness.
If none of those 11 things can convince you, I leave you with a bit of advice that Mama Tina bestowed upon us: “If you’re going through it, just know it’s called going THROUGH it. You’re not gonna get stuck there, you’re not gonna die, You’re gonna survive.” Mama Tina, THANK YOU from every black girl out there. You embody some of our prayers and  prove that life is worth living, even if it means starting over at 62. Slay Mama, Slay!

One more day !!

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