Crank Lucas  is a rapper/producer that decided to use his skills to make people laugh. For months Crank, a DMV resident, has been posting content on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram about the hilarious truths about our favorite rappers. Here are some of the instant classics that we’ve been blessed with thus far.

 1. He can rap gibberish and order pizza at the same damn time

2. Lucas is an innovator with big tech ideas like Steve Jobs

3. He may or may not be DJ Khaled’s long lost brother

4. He’s a fan of the classics

5. He understands the difference between struggle bars & good raps

6. Crank may have future in television, or at least television theme songs

Theme song from my new show “the Golden Moes”

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7. He’s solved the Queen Mother Badu myth

8. He knows that sometimes, less is more.

RAPPERS BE TELLING TOO DAMN MUCH!! (Part 1) Visit for full vid

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9. Crank has great advice for indie rappers about business etiquette

10. Technical insights into the recording process

11. Also, Crank wants you to know that too many cuss words don’t make clean versions good listens

When rappers use too much profanity pt1

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Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

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