With the recent release of music from artists like D’ Angelo, K. Michelle, J.Cole, Wale, Nicki Minaj, Lupe, Kanye West, Rihanna and others, there are inevitably going to be some people who immediately criticize new music and others who are just here for a good time. Some people are more particular about what they consider to be “real” Hip Hop.

Plain and simple, some people are just snobs when it comes to pure Hip Hop and they will never admit it. Are you or someone you know completely obsessed with new music in its purest form? You may just be a HIP HOP snob. Here are the symptoms; get yourself checked.

  1. Complete control of aux cord in the car, parties and other social gatherings

  1. Knows producer credits by song style and can tell the producer of a song just by the signature ad libs

  1. Mixtape release websites bookmarked and queued up for their early morning perusal

  1. You must listen to an album all the way through start to finish before coming to a conclusion

  1. Frequently blast Migos in the car but you would NEVER attend a Migos show for fear of one’s life

  1. You often pay exorbitant prices on audio equipment and headphones

  1. You will pay rent-level prices on your favorite artist’s concert tickets

  1. You have your five rappers memorized and ready to go just in case someone asks

  1. Ability to decipher lyrics from Black Messiah OR attended a skinny D’ Angelo show


  1. Ability to pick out samples from a funky 70s track from Minnie Ripperton, Roberta Flack or Otis Redding or any other greats from the past

  1. Taking other people’s music suggestions at face value only- in the end no one’s taste is superior to your own right?

sn: may apply to other genres

It’s all in fun! Share your symptoms below.