What were you doing 10-year-olds? Most likely regular kid stuff. School, after school activities, playing outside before the street lights come on. Regular.

Shelden Gibbs is doing all of that and jump starting a fashion accessory line on the side.

Designing at least five ties a day, this now 11-year-old does all the designing, preparing of raw materials and sewing the final product under the watchful eye of his mom.

"I teach him the first couple of years, you won't see this significant profit." Shelden's mom, Rhonda Woods, tells News 4 Buffalo. "But as long as your product is becoming better and your customers are happy, eventually your hard work will pay off."

Shelden's entrepreneurial spirit was inspired when he realized the options for bow ties in designs he liked was very scarce. Now, he loves not only wearing his own product but designing it as well. He calls it his "passion." 

Now that business is boomin', Shelden and his "momager" says Classic Knot is looking to hire their first employees to help keep up with the heavy demand and faster turn around rate. In the meantime, they're receiving a lot of help from family and friends. Shelden even shared that some of his classmates want to work for him. “They want to help me," he says. "They want me to be their boss, and they just love what I am doing.”

As of now, the young CEO hasn't decided on any candidates for the position but he has a few in mind. After all, he is still a kid.

"I teach him the sky is the limit from here. Dream big, think big, don't think small or you'll always have small," Rhonda explained.

 In the meantime, you can order a necktie, bowtie and/or a matching handkerchief from the Classic Knot company website.