Beyoncé is the queen of everything and that’s a fact. When it comes to her discography, She consistently takes every bit of track glue and moisture from your hair and leaves your hair thin and damaged when she releases an album. Not many artists create albums that have song after song that leave you with your mouth open and dancing in your room all alone, but Beyoncé sure as hell does. Despite her unforgettable singles, some songs on her albums are just as amazing, but receive less attention. Below you will find twelve songs from Beyoncé’s discography that could have easily been chart topping singles!


1. “Kitty Kat” 


2. “Speechless”


3. “That’s How You Like It” 


4. “Jealous”


5. “Freakum Dress”


6. “Yes”


7. “Resentment”


8. “Flaws And All”


9. “Grown Woman”


10. “I Was Here”


11. “Mine ft. Drake”


12. “Dance For You”

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