Kamala Harris is now officially the Vice President of the United States, the first woman and first Black American to ever hold this position.

Her historic accomplishment is in many ways the culmination of the work of many groundbreaking Black women who broke barriers in politics and society while fighting for equality and justice in this country.

The following images of 12 iconic women who paved the way for Harris were compiled by Getty Images Research Editor Leslie Stauffer in celebration of Harris' historic feat.  

"In 2020, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment," Stauffer said in a statement sent to Blavity. "History taught us it was a liberation, but we know that women struggled for their rights in the decades before and have toiled in the decades since. Women of color have had an even greater fight, in many instances, which makes Harris' inauguration as Vice President feel like an even more well-earned, hard-fought victory. You might not know all of these women — but you should."

Here are 12 women who blazed the trail for the new vice president and for Black women throughout this nation.