The coronavirus pandemic has ransacked the nation leaving all of us stuck indoors during government-mandated shutdowns. As the number of cases increases, social distancing has proven more than tricky as most of us are left going stir crazy inside our own homes.

There’s a bright side to this pandemic, though. The Rona has definitely made us appreciate the small things we’ve taken for granted. 

1. Family

Being in close quarters, locked in with your family indefinitely? Dubious. Still, even with annoyances and irksome behaviors, at the end of the day, who actually knows and loves you more? If you aren’t able to be physically with your family, this time has likely made you reach out and check in more than ever.

2. Exercise

Many gyms have been closed by order of their respective cities — such is the case in Los Angeles. While gym enthusiasts initially panicked, the reality was that removing the gym as an option only made all of us want to work out more. The good thing is a healthy body is connected to a healthy mind, and there have been several people who've popped up with in-home workouts to make sure we come out of quarantine energized and snatched.

3. The outdoors

Trees, fresh air, walking down the street without being concerned you’d catch a virus? All things that we maybe didn’t consider while focused on our digital lives. Sitting inside all day, talking to any number of imaginary friends you’ve developed isn't the move. Luckily, the CDC has announced that taking a run or a walk around the block are still activities we can enjoy while social distancing.

4. Beyoncé

Beychella is the gift that keeps on giving. Jasmyn Lawson is a media professional and self-proclaimed Beyhive member that chose to boost Twitter’s spirits by organizing a Homecoming rewatch party. Things went bananas when Beyoncé herself, who’s rarely seen using the retweet function, cosigned the event. While the event has passed, you can also just…simply listening to Beyoncé can also lift your spirits because…Beyoncé. 

5. Art

A little art in your life makes everything better. While we can’t go to museums right now, it’s great to know there are a number of museums and galleries offering virtual tours. So you can get some culture from the couch.

6. Club Quarantine

Just because the club is closed, that doesn’t mean the party stops. A number of DJs have had the smart idea to livestream their sets, turning social media profiles into the littiest virtual club we could imagine. DJ D-Nice recently threw an hours-long party where everyone and their mama showed up and broke the internet, as Blavity previously reported.

7. Kind souls

It’s a really scary and surreal time. As countless people have lost jobs and certainty about future wages, stories about acts of kindness have taken center stage. And that’s something that can make all of us smile. For instance, in Texas, a patron at Irma's Southwest restaurant in Houston tipped wait staff $9,400, Newsweek reports. Alongside the tip was a note which read, "Hold tip to pay your guys over the next few weeks." 

8. Actual phone conversations

Remember phone calls? The phone would ring, and then you’d, ya know, talk? Those were some wild times. With the advent of texting and sliding in DMs, the art of picking up the phone to call went by the wayside. But now, hearing someone’s voice can be enough to make your day.

9. Virtual baes

How can you get through the day without that “good morning” text?

10. Delivery people

Now that many places only allow eateries to provide takeout and many bars have closed completely (shout out to the places throughout the nation allowing to-go cocktails), delivery people are risking their health to please our taste buds.

11. Fur babies

No one can keep you company like your No. 1 companion.

12. Obama

While he may no longer be in office, the 44th president has been coming through for us in times of crisis while the White House's current occupant has continues to prove predictably disappointing. The forever POTUS has been sharing stories of humanity as well as resources to help us navigate these difficult times.