We’ve all been there: Nothing in particular is wrong but you didn’t exactly wake up smiling either. Most days, being an adult doesn’t seem to be nearly as fun as being a toddler. And sometimes it’s hard to muster the motivation to put on a good face and pretend you feel like peopling today.


Luckily for you, we’ve assembled the baby brigade: a host of short videos of hilarious little ones who are just too darn adorable not to love and drool over! Watch these funny babies and turn your frown upside down in no time.

For instance, look at this cutie pie channeling Alicia Keys and letting you know that “everything’s gonna be all right…”

And this baby boy who can’t get enough of his goofy puppy pal

This baby thinks mommy’s sneezes are hilarious

This internet-famous brown boy genius loves his animals but ain’t got time for donkey

LOL at this young sir who literally “woke up” like this

This poor child — those cheeks, that frown… I feel bad for her yet I’m laughing hysterically anyway

Baby Noah may be the first little boy in history to LOVE getting his shots

He’s lucky to have Dr. Darden, who’s got the magic touch and impeccable bedside manner.

An oldie but goodie — this serious-faced baby had his “bye, Felicia” look down pat before it was cool

And I can’t help but smile when this baby shows us her mad face

That awkward moment when this funny little guy has more dance moves than you

And I can’t stop laughing at this sour-faced baby sucking on a lemon

Or this one

And finally, who can forget these twin cuties jamming to their mommy’s singing

Are you feeling all “the feels” yet?

Put a smile on your face, and get out there and be your fabulous self today!


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