The last 24 hours have left folks aghast at the story and accusations surrounding Jessica Krug, the white George Washington University professor who admitted on Thursday that she had been lying about her race for all of her professional career. 

Krug has received years of accolades, prizes, fellowships, awards and positions for her work while constantly proclaiming a variety of racial and ethnic identities that were not hers, including Black, Puerto Rican, North African, "biracial," Colombian and more. In a Medium post, she revealed that she has two white parents and is from Kansas City.

As the shock, and jokes, from the revelation continued to splay out online, dozens of people, including some high-profile activists and thought leaders, revealed their own past interactions with Krug.

Despite being white, Krug had spent years bashing, criticizing and demeaning Black and Latino women for their work or for not being "real" and "hood" enough, according to many people who took to Twitter and Facebook to air out their anger. Many Black women online said they spent years calling her out but were routinely ignored when they questioned her heritage or background. 

Here are some of the craziest videos and tales from people and institutions that dealt with Krug over the years. While none of the accounts have been verified, they're worth a read.