Excuse me, we're going to let all you predominantly white institutions (PWIs) finish, but HBCUs have the best homecomings. 

Every year, each HBCU fights for recognition as having the most lit homecoming. But let's call our attention away from competing among one another and acknowledge why no PWI can compare. So SpelHouse, Howard, Clark, Hampton and AT&T alumni, take a break from the eternal side-eyes to recognize why we all winning. 

1. EVERYBODY stunts.

Whether they be for the 'gram or official shots for the fam, photos are taken extremely seriously on an HBCU campus. These are the moments we'll always remember, and you best believe we're going to get flicks.

2. Someone will dance on top of a randomly placed bus.

We're honestly not sure where these school buses come from since they're never there any other time during the school year. They seem to only appear as backdrops for homecoming pictures and debauchery.

3. The performances are unmatched.

The performers are always lit and excited to rep HBCU gear. We are more than happy to gas them as they do so.

4. HBCU alumni brag different.


Whether they make it to homecoming or not, our alumni love to show off because people who go to HBCUs never shut up about HBCUs. 

5. Visitation rules wild out.


HBCUs are notorious for the strict visitation rules, which reach peak ridiculousness around homecoming season. All side doors and back entrances are locked, but we still find a way to sneak in guests.

6. Swag surfing is the official precursor to any event.

The swag surf is the catalyst to any lit event. It's an HBCU, so you know we already got that swaggg. 

7. The contest for the title of best HBCU homecoming is never-ending.


At the end of the day, Howard we all winning. Sorry, not sorry. 

8. Black Greeks will cut up like no other.

The Divine 9 do not come to play with you, heaux. You will see these kicks, high knees, turns and unison, and you will love it. 

9. The Drink Olympics don't end until class starts again.

The events last all week. Students will be lit at the football game, step show, fashion show, YouTube FanFest, YardFest, Tailgate, gospel show, Sunday Service and more all week long. Homework inevitably takes the back burner. 

10. You never know who you're going to see.


Whether it be a famous alum walking around, another celeb or just an old crush, you never know who you'll run into at an HBCU homecoming. 

11. Student hustlers make a come-up.

Everyone procrastinates buying their event tickets, and once one show is sold out, students who bought multiples start selling seats for twice the original price. We're not mad at the hustle, but dang, you can't negotiate a little?

Other hustlers include dorm makeup artists, barbers and stylists who keep students looking right during their HOCO season. 

Aren't you feeling happy to be HBCU-educated?