Whether we notice it or not, our everyday behaviors have a huge impact on our planet. As individuals, we sometimes get so caught up in our own lives that we have no time to think about anyone else, let alone the planet we live on. But here are 13 super easy everyday ways to save the environment.

1. Recycle

It’s really not as difficult as people make it seem. Instead of tossing something in one trash can, toss it in the other.

2. Drink tap water

Some say bottled water is better for you, but the plastic bottles are not good for the environment. Buy a refillable container and consider tap water.

3. Utilize e-tickets

Instead of using three sheets for every ticket you buy to Beyoncé’s latest tour, choose the e-ticket option. It’s convenient and you’ll save some trees.

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4. Try to only take showers

Baths utilize much more water than taking a shower. By taking showers more, you can reduce your monthly costs and save some water consumption (as long as you don’t take extremely long showers…but more on that later.

5. Recycle old cell phones

When phones get tossed into the trash, the toxic chemicals can be harmful to the environment. Instead of throwing them away, just opt for recycling your old devices.

6. Utilize cruise control

In most cars, there’s an option to drive in cruise mode. Do this as often as you can. You get more mileage and can help save your planet.

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7. Turn off computers at night

Powering off your computer at night can save up to 40-watts per day. You can always program your computer to turn on before work or once you wake up.

8. Take public transportation

We’ve been hearing this for years and it still remains true. If you can take the bus, walk or bike, always opt for those. It’s great for the environment and can encourage you to get exercise.

9. Be mindful of expiration dates

A lot of food gets thrown away, so be mindful of the ‘use by’ and ‘sell by’ labels in your fridge and use groceries up before they go bad. Also, work to preserve your food by setting the fridge to the right temperature and storing everything correctly.

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10. Buy used products

Second-hand does not necessarily mean the product is not of any quality. If you have the option to buy products previously used, do it.

11. Buy local food

If your city or town is having a local farmer’s market or has one year-round, always opt to buy from there. Though it might be slightly more expensive sometimes, you can eat fresh and prevent pollution of the environment by eliminating the shipping of food.

12. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store

Instead of getting plastic bags every time you go to the store, opt for reusable bags. It helps to decrease the number of bags that get thrown away.

13. Take shorter showers

Taking shorter showers increases the amount of water you conserve. It also will be cost-friendly for your bills. Make it your goal to never shower for more than 10 minutes.

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What other easy ways can people work to save the environment? Comment below!

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