People have spent the last 24 to 48 hours "doomscrolling" through their favorite social media sites or frantically watching cable news for some indication of how Election Day would turn out for both parties. 

As the results rolled in and defied the expectations of pollsters, the mood online took a very different tone as the night went on. 

Thankfully, people brought out some of their best jokes and memes to give us a little laugh while we wait for more finalized results.

Here is some of the funniest posts we saw:

Many people were astonished by how close many of the races were considering what pollsters had been saying for months.

Many people were astonished that after everything that's happened over the past four years, and particularly this year alone, that President Donald Trump was neck and neck with Democratic candidate Joe Biden

Some were pulling out the sage and praying Biden would be able to pull out a win.

People were especially upset when Trump made the unprecedented decision to falsely declare himself the winner early Wednesday morning despite not all of the votes being counted in dozens of states, according to Business Insider. The press conference drew scrutiny and even members of Trump's own party were alarmed by the comments. 

Needless to say, many on Twitter had thoughts about the press conference.

Others called out the hypocrisy of Trump's efforts to stop vote counting. 

The jokes were endless.

People said it was tough to concentrate with all of the election controversy. 

As we wait for the final results, it would probably benefit everyone to stop the endless scrolling, take a break from social media and wait until all of the votes are counted.