If you reside in or around (or plan to visit) the New York City area, check out these black-owned fitness centers and classes to get you snatched! Summer bodies are definitely made in the winter, so there's no time like the present to get a jumpstart on a healthier lifestyle. No matter your fitness level, there's something for everyone — yoga, pilates, boxing, kickboxing and running are just some of the options listed below. The key is to try something different, and surely you'll find the perfect regimen tailored to your individual needs

Now let's get fit!

1. Asali Yoga

WHAT YOU GET: A semi-private boutique yoga studio in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood
Photo: Asali Yoga

2. Brownstone Wellness

WHAT YOU GET: Resistance training, corrective exercise, stretching, yoga, nutrition and holistic ways of healing
Photo: Brownstone Wellness

3. Brukwine

WHAT YOU GET: Caribbean-inspired dance workouts
Photo: Brukwine

4. Gerren Liles Fitness

WHAT YOU GET: Equinox group fitness instructor, ReebokONE ambassador and Founder of Vision Fitness
Photo: Gergen Liles

5. Be the Better with Barrington

WHAT YOU GET: One of the most elite and efficient Personal Trainers in NYC who will help people at ALL levels of fitness
Photo: Be the Better Fitness Society

6. Locale NYC

WHAT YOU GET: A boutique yoga studio, specializing in holistic health
Photo: Locale NYC

7. Work Hard Train Harder

WHAT YOU GET: Boot camp, boxing classes and personal training
Photo: Work Hard Train Harder

8. Move with Grace

WHAT YOU GET: Yoga and juice bar
Photo: Move with Grace

9. LaFemme Suite

WHAT YOU GET: Pole exercise classes
Photo: LaFemme Suite

10. Alvin Ailey (Extension)

WHAT YOU GET: Public classes, no experience necessary
Photo: Alvin Ailey Extension

11. Punch Fitness Center

Photo: Punch Fitness Center

12. Rad Experience

WHAT YOU GET: Fitness parties, online, small group and private training and nutrition counseling
Photo: Rad Experience

13. Black Girls Run

WHAT YOU GET: Women's group run
Photo: Black Girls Run

14. Black Men Run

WHAT YOU GET: Men's group run
Photo: Black Men Run

New Yorkers, what are some of your favorite black-owned workout spots? Inquiring minds want to know. Sound off in the comments below!

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