Pretty Ricky had some jams when they first came about, GOOD LORDT. You could easily find me somewhere with my Bluestars album on repeat even though I had nary a clue what Pretty Ricky was talking about. All that I cared about during my middle school years was my algebra homework and learning the lyrics of “Get You Right” or “Juicy.” To celebrate Pretty Ricky and all its greatness, below you will find fourteen Pretty Ricky songs you probably were singing growing up and you shouldn’t have been!


1. “Get You Right”


2. “Juicy”


3. “Love Like Honey”


4. “Nothing But A Number” 


5. “Your Body” 


6. “Grind On Me” 


7. “On The Hotline”


8. “Up and Down” 


9. “So Confused” 


10. “Stay”

11. “Shorty Be Mine” 

12. “Get A Little Closer” 

13. “Call Me”

14. “Playhouse”

What’s your favorite Pretty Ricky song? Let us know in the comments below!