A 14-year-old painter has made it onto the latest cover of Time magazine thanks to LeBron James

Tyler Gordon's painting of the NBA champion was featured on the magazine's cover this week after the Los Angeles Lakers star was named, "Athlete Of The Year."

Gordon, who has been painting since he was 10 years old, told local news outlet WAPT that it has always been his dream to make it big. 

"When I was 10 years old, I had this dream of God telling me if I didn’t use my talent he was going to take it away from me. So that night at three in the morning, I ran into my mom’s room and told her about my dream. At first, she thought that I was playing around. Then the next night, I had the same dream,” he said.

Gordon was deaf until age six and now has a stutter. He said he admires President-elect Joe Biden who inspired him to accept his stutter.

"(Biden) stutters like me and he's not afraid to do public speeches and use his voice and I'm really inspired by him," Gordon told ABC 7 News. "He helps me accept my stutter."

Thanks to Twitter, he was able to get in touch with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris after making a portrait of her. Harris eventually called him and thanked him for the portrait, as Blavity previously reported

“She was just really humble. One thing that I really like about her, is that even though it was right before Thanksgiving and she’s the vice president[-elect], she was still at home cooking cornbread with her family. It really inspired me to stay humble and keep pushing forward,” Gordon said. 

Every Wednesday, he hops on Instagram Live to teach people how to paint a variety of images. 

He's also done portraits for stars like Kevin Hart, Missy Elliott, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson and Kevin Durant, according to TMZ. Most recently, he sold a piece to singer Janelle Monae

Just one week ago, his pieces were hung up next to the work of legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in Los Angeles' Beverly Center.

He even appeared on The Today Show and painted the hosts. 

Gordon's portraits, which are now in high demand, take him on average about 20 minutes to finish. On Instagram and Twitter, he has walked his followers through how he puts his art together, citing Basquiat as his inspiration.