This list of man crushes is for all the '80s babies/'90s kids who grew up in an era when sitcoms prevailed, cell phones were optional and all-purpose biker shorts were bomb! What was there not to love?

Here's a tribute to the fictional man crushes that stole our adolescent hearts:

1. Marcus Graham

You snuck and watched your parents VHS tape of Boomerang and fell in love with Eddie Murphy as the cool, confident and sexy Marcus Graham.
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2. Eddie Kane, Jr.

Before he got strung out, the lead singer of The Five Heartbeats he had you like...
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3. Malcolm X

In this epic biographical Spike Lee joint, Denzel Washington nailed his portrayal of the black leader and stole our hearts in the process.
denzel washington angela bassett malcolm x
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4. Darius Lovehall

I mean...a creative with a neo-soul vibe? In Love Jones, the definitive black rom-com, Lorenz Tate had us at "Say baby, can I be your slave?"
movies nia long mines love jones larenz tate
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5. Martin Payne

Wazzup, Wazzup, WAZZUP! As the hilarious radio DJ who's madly in love with his Gina, Martin Lawrence joked his way into our hearts in his '90s hit TV show, Martin.
90s martin 90s kid martin lawrence martin and gina
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6. Will Smith

In his portrayal of an inner-city teen sent to live with his "auntie and uncle in Bel-Air," Will Smith kept it jiggy with his sarcastic humor and juvenile shenanigans on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
tv dancing will smith fresh prince of bel air the fresh prince of bel air
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7. Quentin

In The Best Man, Terrence Howard plays the guy you know is no good, but damned if those eyes and that guitar don't get you every time!
Photo: bigmediavandal
Photo: bigmediavandal

8. Quincy

Omar Epps. Love and Basketball. Period. *cue Maxwell*
endless sanaa lathan omar epps love and basketball endlesslistoffavemoviepairings
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9. Sidney Deane

Whether it was the flip-up cap, the neon layered tank tops or the biker shorts, Wesley Snipes stole our hearts as a basketball hustler in the film White Men Can't Jump


10. Romeo

Merlin Santana as the swoon-worthy class clown of The Steve Harvey Show always had something up his sleeve. #RIP
90s black boy 1990s boys
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11. Keith Weston

Blair Underwood "Set it Off" as Stony's knight in shining armor in the 1996 film.

12. Lance Sullivan

Raise your hand if you still flashback to the scene where Morris Chestnut makes his entrance into the crowded lounge in The Best Man. #Hamercy

13. Furious Styles

Laurence Fishburne as Tre's Daddy in Boyz n the Hood was that conscious brotha' with grown man swag that all the ladies in the hood were hawking.
90s thinking 90s movies laurence fishburne boyz n the hood
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14. Dwayne Wayne 

This Brooklyn-bred, Hillman University math major, played by Kadeem Hardison, won us over with his brains, persistence and quick wit. The flip-up glasses didn't hurt either.
thank you glasses a different world adw kadeem hardison
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15. Zack Morris

Don't front like you didn't gather your blanket and cereal in front of the TV set every Saturday morning for Saved By the Bell. When Mark-Paul Gosselaar paused time to narrate his antics, you knew he did it just for you.
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Who are your favorite heartthrobs from the '90s to early '00s? Let us know, comment below.

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