In the age of social media comedy, it's important to remember it's not just a man's game. There are lots of women comedians out here taking advantage of the platform to get their work out here. Keeping that in mind, I've put together a list of 15 of the funniest Black women on my timeline who, I believe, you'll want on yours too. 

1. @khadi

Khadi Don has kept us laughing since vine. Her serious creativity and originality has anyone watching her videos thinking "how did she even think of this?" She has serious talent. My only question is, when is she getting her own show? Creative comedy like hers deserves to be on television. 

2. @jstlbby

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Let’s start this week off RIGHT

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Amber Wagner became famous for her iconic video singing along to Beyoncé's "Drunk in Love."

"Beyoncé talking about, 'I've been drankin', watermelon.' Bitch me too! TF!" she joked.

Amber has come along way from those days, but she's still the original big body, bomb face. Hundreds of hilarious videos and a few Instagram pages later, she's still hysterical. Not to mention, in addition to her humorous personality, she's inspirational and always giving all glory to God. 

3. @luv_jjp

Jasmine Luv is my friend in my head. Her skits tend to entail portraying the different types of friends we have and they're always so funny and accurate. If you follow her, you'll always be tagging your friends in her videos. Besides that, her skits are relatable and fun. Pretty and funny, she's a gem for your timeline.

4. @jesshilarious_official

 "Jess with the mess." As seen on MTV's Wild'n Out, Jess is hilarious. Always giving her rendition of current events with a personal twist, there will be times you can't help but think she is too much; and I say that strictly as a compliment. 

5. @thatgirljaycole

Another woman who has kept us laughing since Vine, Jaimesha Thomas, brings a one of a kind energy in her videos. "How I'ma stop bein' crazy? How? How? How I'ma stop?" Her DMV accent mixed with her content and delivery makes her hilarious. 

6. @lalamilan

Talk about a glow up. Lala has gone from making Instagram videos on the side to making comedy a full on hustle. That should tell you how funny she is. Whether she's doing a voice over, a skit or just talking, she knows how to make people laugh. 

7. @simoneshepherd

Another Viner (RIP Vine) who made the switch over to Instagram and is still producing content. Simone Shepherd's skits are always well thought out and well executed. She keeps us laughing and on our toes, and sometimes even hits on serious issues. Undeniably talented,  she's a beast at what she does.

8. @chrissytooreal

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Stop beating them kids nah!

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 This hilarious beauty has mastered the art of storytelling. Her distinct voice and her genuine personality makes her funny AF to watch. It's not even necessarily about what she's saying as much as her delivery. She's silly and cool, and someone you definitely want to check out.

9. @missjaydmv

If you need funny skits, she's your girl. Jennah Brittany always has me dying with her ability to dramatize relatable situations. Skits like her 90s vocal coach make her unforgettable, but if you follow her, you'll see her comedy is an everyday thing.

10. @thechristishow

Most recognized for her character Ms. Shirleen, Christianee Porter has several different personas who she dresses up as and plays on her page. Her comedic genius is truly a God given talent. She keeps it clean and funny, always staying true to herself while managing to be hilarious. She isn't lying when she says her life is a stage. 

11. @topnotchworldd

The thing that makes Teresa's videos so great is her homegirl vibe. While she's funny regardless, the fact that it feels like one of your girls is just clowning and talking to you makes it even better. She's been making me laugh for years now, and I'm excited to see her taking on acting roles because she's definitely a character. 

12. @watchjazzy

Whether a skit, stand up or just talking that talk, Jasmin knows how to mix comedy into whatever she does. Her strong personality with her silly vibe gives her videos that extra touch. Sometimes she's just being goofy, other times she's speaking some real stuff. Either way it goes, she knows how to make us laugh. 

13. @yesimprettyvee

Vena and that damn pink robe, bonnet and her signature duck lips. She kills me with her mama skits. Always yelling at her imaginary child "Peanut," you'll be dying laughing and tagging your friends in her videos. Her character is hilarious cause we all know someone like that. Even when she's not playing somebody's mama, she's playing someone relatable and that's why we love her.

14. @nellysofunny

Another go to for the funny skits, Chanelle Graham. Her West Indian roots help to make some of her content, as she often hits on them in her videos. It's great because, if you know West Indian people, her videos are accurate as hell which adds to the experience. Although she works as an actress and a model, she still finds time to make us laugh — we appreciate it.

15. @indeskribeabull

J. Bailey is another person who has been hilarious for awhile now. You might get a skit, you might get her just being silly, but the thing you'll always get is her being herself. She never shies away from an opportunity to be real, even in comedy, and authenticity in humor is the best.

Who else has you laughing on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below.