Black women wearing their natural hair is officially a movement with it’s own subculture and jargon. If you’re anything like me, it can all feel very overwhelming. My transition from chemically-treated to natural tresses was fraught with uncertainty. With so much information floating around and so many products vying for my 4a dollar, I opted for the least complicated route, spending most of my transition in braids.

Now that I’m ready to unleash these kinky coils on the world, I’ve had to double back and get a whole education on products, routines and basic hair care needs. When I tell you I’m a beginner, I’m so serious. For instance, I had no clue I wasn’t supposed to comb my hair. Who knew I was ruining my curl pattern? Melissa Denise has been my personal YouTube guru for these purposes. If you’re a novice like me, her Relax Ya Tail #RYT YouTube series provides a nice, practical orientation to coach you through your new natural hair care routine.

In the video above, Melissa shares the 16 things she traded while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Let this video bless your curly roots.

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