Earlier this year, Vice did an investigative story reporting that 1800 inmates employed by the Colorado Correctional Industries make around $.74 a day.

According to the Associated Press:

Michael Silverman, a Whole Foods spokesman, said the company had sourced the products because it was a way to “help people get back on their feet and eventually become contributing members of society.”

But he said the company decided to end the practice because some customers were uncomfortable with it.

Dennis Dunsmoor, director of the program, said it doesn’t provide goods directly to Whole Foods, but that its partners do. He declined to provide details on wages or other comments pending approval from the program’s media relations coordinator.

Representatives for Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy and Quixotic Farming, which say on their websites that they work with Colorado Correctional Facilities, were not immediately available for comment. Haystack sells goat cheese and Quixotic sells tilapia.

The products will be removed by stores no later than April 2016.

Earlier this year Blavity contributor Victoria Massie put together a list of black farmers to buy from instead of whole foods. Check it out.