Who doesn't love awesome daddy-daughter duos, right? The heartwarming moments can melt your heart and we wanted to get a good workout in with these precious moments. WARNING:  Your ovaries may explode.

1. This duo always steals your heart with their hilarious moments on camera.

2. This father who looks so smitten with his daughter's first word.

3. This student who has surpassed her teacher.


4. This dabbing father and daughter handshake.

5. This super adorable crawling lesson.

YouTube | Aaron White

6. This duo of love and hair grease

7. This duo's pre-game ritual.

YouTube | NBA

8. This duo of serenades.

9. This daddy mesmerized by daughter who is mesmerized by mommy.

10. This absolutely adorable choreographed duo.

YouTube | london45

11. This wintertime dance-off.

12. These two who are forever daddy-daughter goals.

13. I mean really.

We love to see it!