An 18-year-old from Baltimore has been charged with the murder of his 8-year-old brother. Authorities say he used a shotgun he received in exchange for a puppy. 

Devin Wilson was arrested Tuesday in connection with the Dec. 30 killing of Dylan King.

WBAL-TV 11 reports police charged him with first- and second-degree murder. 

Police reports show Wilson was watching four younger siblings ranging from 2 to 8 years old when the shooting occurred. He called his mother before the police, asking her to come home because Dylan had been shot. When his stepfather arrived, he told him the young boy had accidentally shot himself, but police disproved that claim because of the gunshot pattern found on the walls, according to WBFF.

When police responded, they found a neighbor performing CPR on Dylan. He was rushed to a local hospital and later pronounced dead.

“All of a sudden, you heard this screaming and yelling,” Robert Carter, a neighbor, told WBAL-TV 11 of what he heard at the time of the shooting. “Then, we found out the child died, but we still didn’t know what happened until a day later.”

As they searched the home, authorities found Wilson upstairs sobbing hysterically in blood-soaked clothing, pointing a gun at his forehead.