For all the people who wanted to pop off on social media…

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…these clapbacks deserve a standing ovation.

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1. When this person got owned even in anonymity

2. When people ask “WW (MLK) D?”

3. When people complain about BHM

Well its black history month~Ray #Blacklivesmatter#blackhistorymonth#starwars#nerds#tumblr#whitetears#islam#malcolmx

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4. When you gotta hit them with “Check my IP address!”

5. When you read them like the book they’re recommending


6. When they ask “any questions?” thereby inviting the clapback

7. When they’re being salty

8. When they don’t know whose country they’re in

9. When folks troll play in the mentions

10. When they try to throw shade…but fail.

11. When they’re unaware of the anti-aging creams in their near future

12. When you have to remind fans that they aren’t priority #1


13. When we literally have to clap back

14. When they get all in their feelings in your comments

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15. When they didn’t hear you the first time

16. When people forget that black don’t crack

17. When you put that backhanded compliment down, flip it, and reverse it

18. When you rest your case in their defense

19. When you take them back a few pages in the dictionary

20. When you got receipts that go back centuries

21. When people try to preach appropriation

22. When stereotyping goes wrong

23. When they try to throw shade but can’t


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