Strong language. Raw energy. Top notch humor. Sassy. And of course, one hell of a story. These are all the makings of a gut-busting funny lady. Check out this list of hilarious women known to push the envelope for the sake of good humor.

Note: The language in many of these routines are NSFW!

1. Lawanda Page

Fred Sanford’s arch nemesis was and always will be Aunt Esther. Despite her secondary role on Sanford & Son, Lawanda Page held her own in the stand-up world. Her routine was a bit too explicit for her time, and even this list.

2. Quinta B.

BuzzFeed’s resident intelligent home girl. Watching her videos is like eating potato chips, you can’t stop at just one.

3. Erika Alexander

Imagine Living Single without Maxine Shaw, attorney-at-law. You can’t. Erika Alexander pulled off the role of maneater like no other.

4. Debra Wilson

This moment in Black history brought to you by Mad TV (not really). Debra Wilson is known as the first woman and comedian to make a caricature out of Beyoncé on a sketch show. The accuracy, dear friends. The accuracy.

5. Sommore

1/4 of The Queens of Comedy. You have not lived unless you see her live stand-up in person.

6. Wanda Sykes

Every great female comedian must be 100% comfortable in both their sexuality and femininity. Wanda Sykes exceeds the requirements.

7. Issa Rae

Issa is a webisode OG. Don’t let the title, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl fool you. It’s truly the hippest trip in America. (Wrong show, but you know what I mean)

8. Michelle Buteau

Her outlook on freckles: well placed skin cancer.

9. Nicole Byer

This Girl Code alum is long overdue for her own series.

10. Leslie Jones

Leslie’s rough around the edges schtick is what granted her access to SNL and the first-ever female Ghostbusters cast.

11. Maya Rudolph

This SNL is never afraid to make fun of herself, Rachel Dolezal or Beyoncé.

12. Mo’Nique

After years of running on the “skinny bitches” platform, Mo’Nique successfully campaigned for the equal representation of plus sized women in Hollywood. This Oscar winner and Queen of Comedy is one of the funniest women alive.

13. Skye Towsend

Don’t call her Robert Townsend’s daugther, Skye is much more than that. Making a name for herself with hilarious Vines and her musical talents, she is far from her father’s shadow.

14. Jenifer Lewis

“Is there another bad bitch in this house?”

15. Tichina Arnold

“Beadie Bead”. Enough said.

16. Jackée Harry & her tweets

While she’s a funny lady on-screen, her tweets are shady boots supreme.

17. Loni Love

Loni has always kept it “real”.

18. Crissle

As co-host of The Read, Crissle is reality checker extraordinaire.

19. Sherri Shepherd

Sheila, the drunk friend that makes life worth living.

20. Jada Pinkett-Smith

Long before her A-list status alongside hubby Will Smith, Jada’s pint sized antics were known to steal scenes.

21. Lunelle

Just downright foul and funny.

22. Jay’La Milan

Follow her on Instagram, you will laugh for days.

23. Sheryl Underwood

From Def Comedy Jam to The Talk, Sheryl Underwood put in work to make a name for herself…and her pocketbook.

24. Adele Givens

She’ll make you laugh, cry, and feel encouraged.

Bonus: Marsai Martin

Newcomer Marsai Martin is a few years a head of her time. In a few years, she’ll be in a league of her own. Diane for President!

Who are your laugh out loud faves?

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