On the eve of the new year, organizers and residents alike took to the streets of Washington, D.C. to remind everyone just how much #BlackLivesMatter.

“In 2016, I am prepared to use my body to confront the state,” one protester exclaimed. Hundreds of peaceful protestors that are at their wits end with black bloodshed at the hands of the police marched through the nation’s capital, starting at the Chinatown arch and heading to U Street. Signs were carried, names were chanted, and the unity was apparent.

Many users spread the word of the march and shared their words, content, and feelings via Twitter, which continues to be a popular source of news.

The names of many nationally and locally recognized black lives lost during police encounters were the highlights of the march. Some of the names included were Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland (#SayHerName), and Alonzo Smith.