1. Am I fiscally cleared for registration?

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2. Let me make sure I wake up at the crack of dawn and prepare myself for the registration line.

3. I hope I won’t have to end up crying to my financial aid advisor like I did last year:

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4. Do y’all have any scholarships left? Did my scholarship go through? Are there any work study jobs left?

5. Am I getting a refund check this semester? How big will it be? When are they actually being disbursed?

6. Do I have to take this class?

7. Do I need to buy books for this class?

8. seriously, can I find these books online?

9. I hope none of the freshmen will be crashing this back-to-school kickback.

10. Somebody set off the fire alarm already in the dorm?

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12. I hope I have time to juggle Student Government Association, Homecoming Steering Committee, pageant duties, dorm council duties, honor society meetings and my internship this semester.

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13. if things get too stressful, I know it’s just a “test” from the Lord and I can go to the chapel and pray.

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14. I planned my schedule properly so I can turn up on “the yard” and at all the tailgates.

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15. I wonder who will be on the majorettes team and in the band this year. They are the real reasons why we attend the games.

Southern University Dancing Dolls
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16. I see some new faces. Are they transfer students? That might be bae.

17. *whispers* “Y’all. We actually have white students this semester staying on campus. Hmm…”

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18. I wonder if that hookah spot we went to last semester is still lit.

19. Who’s ready for a game of spades? Don’t cut me like you did last semester though…

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20. *Goes to party at a PWI* What is this “beer pong” you speak of?

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21. I wonder who’s going to be performing at the Homecoming concert this year.

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22. Who all is going to be on the Homecoming court this year?

23. As a matter of fact, I need to start shopping for a dress/suit for the Coronation Ball.

24. How many HBCU Homecomings will I be attending this year? *Searches for the schedule*

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25. I haven’t seen Brandon or Alicia around too much. They must be “on line” this semester.

26. To stunt or not to stunt the first week of class?

27. When are the soul food days in the “caf?”

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28. I have to schedule my appointment with the in-dorm nail tech Kelly and Shana, the best beautician on campus, before that Alpha party coming up.

29. Wait. Are there any tickets left for the party?

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