nullIt's no secret that not much good news comes out of the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. But what's not covered by the local and national media is that, despite its problems and repuation,  Englewood is still a neighborhood of families, striving to do the best that they can.

And to help encourage that, and to show a different aspect of the neighboorhood that's rarely, if ever, seen, filmmaker Mark Harris of 1555 Filmworks, himself an Englewood native and resident,  established the Englewood Film Festival last year.

Harris says that it was important for him to create the festival because he wanted "to change a community that's plagued with violence into a community where children can grow, families can live, because when you’ve got a strong home and a strong family, you’ve got a strong community."

Now the 2nd annual Englewood Film Festival is scheduled to take place this fall, the weekend of October 26-28, and Harris has established an Indiegogo account to raise money for the festival (HERE), and has even made a short promotial film about the festival and its goals.

It's without question a valuable and worthwhile film festival that's worth supporting and helping to make it grow: