When you hear the word vegan, do other words such as, “salad-eaters,” “animal-lovers” and “rich hipsters” come to mind? Well, let’s point out a few things. Not all vegans fall into these categories. And even if you don’t want to take the leap to a vegan lifestyle, you can learn some healthy habits from them — even if you still plan to eat meat and animal byproducts.
Below are some good tricks to learn from these herbivores.

1. Eat a meatless meal sometimes

Before you believe this tip is a scheme to join the green side, hear me out. Meat consumption is connected to diseases such as cancerheart disease  and type 2 diabetes due to the high saturated fat content. Replacing meats with fruits and vegetables can reduce those risks and help weight loss, boost energy, and increase longevity. Try to skip the meat on your favorite salad or even make a vegetarian dish in order to gain these benefits.

2. Read labels

One thing you might notice about vegans is that they tend to read labels and question EVERYTHING that they put in their mouths. The reason behind that is because many foods have animal ingredients disguised by huge words like “Isopropyl Lanolate” and “Carminic Acid.” Regardless of whether you care about eating sheep gland oil or female cochineal insects, you should know what’s going in your body. Reading labels beforehand can help control your sodium, sugar and caloric intake as well as prevent allergic reactions to certain foods. Just because it looks like it may be “healthy” or “natural” doesn’t mean it is.

3. Try new foods

With all animal products out of their diets, vegans try to find plant-based alternatives to ease the transition. Going out of the box and trying a new food can help spice up your meals. Don’t know any “vegan” food other than tofu? Check out other vegan substitutes for your next dish. Stuck on a dinner plans? Challenge yourself and choose only seasonal produce in your meals in order to get the freshest taste.

Even if you have no future plans to eliminate animal products from your diet, taking notes from the vegans in your life can lead to a healthier lifestyle.