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It’s been an exhausting few weeks/400 years for us as Black people in the United States. We need rest. Rest from injustice. Rest from being afraid. Rest from having to explain. Rest from having to witness. Rest from having to fight. Rest from having to code switch. Rest from having to pretend that we’re OK.

In my work as life and wealth coach I teach women about pleasure as a path to profit and rest as a revolutionary against the racist patriarchy.

The racist patriarchy does not want Black people to rest.

It thrives off making us work harder for less and then remarks, when we haven’t succeeded, that we should try harder.

Our nation itself has been in a state of great unrest since George Flyod’s murder, and I’m contemplating how tired I am. Tired of the emotional tax of his death and all the others that came before him. Tired of the past week, month, year and entire lifetime of injustices I’ve experienced in my beautiful brown body. Tired because there’s a revolution going on and I’m a part of it.

Every day I’m sharing what I know and understand with my audience and circle. I’m keeping informed about what’s going on all around the country. I’m watching and re-watching Black leaders address and assess the current situation. I’m having difficult conversations with people of every race and class. I’m informing them of how they can take action. I’m letting some know how they’re failing to show up. I’m holding people accountable. I’m holding myself accountable — showing up every day in the ways that I can and insisting that I do more, every day.

And I’m exhausted. I need rest.

I’ve had to give some thought to how I could find rest in the midst of this revolution. I’m not willing to back down and I’m not willing to quit, but I’m also unwilling to lose my humanity in the fight. Black bodies need rest because Black bodies are human bodies.

I’m making rest a priority each day because I know the way I rest is the way I rise. My energy, clarity and consciousness are needed now more than ever.

After some contemplation, this is what I came up with. It’s simple and intuitive, but still as powerful as sorcery.