On June 11, at his high school graduation, 310Babii received two honors for major achievements. He received his Grant High School diploma and a platinum plaque for his hit single “Soak City (Do It).” A video of the teen on stage with his certification and capturing his principal’s commencement speech was posted on Instagram. The video also caught a glimpse of 310Babii teary-eyed as he walked on the stage.

Principal Rebecca McMurrin presented the plaque, along with a warm speech to honor his two accolades. 

“It is my distinct honor to recognize an extraordinary individual who achieved a remarkable feat while still in high school,” McMurrin stated in a video, Vibe reported. “We celebrate not only talent, but also dedication, perseverance, and the power of dreams. It is with great pride that we present this plaque for a platinum single to Kameron Milner a.k.a. 310babii.”

Some of his classmates even ran to the stage and rapped his lyrics bar-to-bar.

According to Vibe, in her closing remarks, McMurrin said, “Kameron, in an industry where success often comes with years of experience, [you] have defied the odds by capturing hearts and ears with [your] music at some a young age. His song has not only resonated with audiences, but has left an indelible mark on the music industry. It’s a testament to his talent, creativity, and the undeniable passion he brings to every note and lyric. Kameron serves as an inspiration to all those with dreams. He has shown us that age is no barrier to greatness and with great determination and vision, anything is possible.”

VP & A&R of EMPIRE Jentry Salvatore, posted a sweet message to his artist on Instagram. The photo shows the two of them posing while holding up the teen’s plaque.

“I’m proud of you @310babii You did it. Now go get everything else you want and more. I got your back for life,” the caption reads.

The now platinum song was recorded during the LA artist’s senior year of high school. He secured a 3.16 GPA and went on tour while still in school. He performed on major stages including Rolling Loud, Coachella, the NBA Finals and Summer Jam.

According to TMZ, the song has garnered over 100 million streams since its arrival last year. He recently released a new single, “Rock Your Hips,” which has gained massive attention on TikTok.