Remember during the glory days of the sitcom, there was always an episode where characters had to sing. Whether it was the Winslows recording a music video, or cousin Will seeking a get rich scheme. These very special episodes were moments for our favorite characters to shine in a different light. Here are the 11 times our favorite TV characters surprised us with their singing.

  1. Kim Parker gives us Sarah Vaughn

Moesha’s hilarious homegirl and star of The Parkers had dreams of leaving Crenshaw for a singing career. First as a part Q and Hakeem’s group, and then she led Free Style Unity with friends Stevie and T. Above she showed off her vocal ability in a dream episode of Moesha where “The Den” is visualized as a 1920s juke joint.

2.  Kyle Barker makes a Valentine out of Max

The Afrocentric stockbroker appeased his arch nemesis Maxine Shaw with a mesmerizing rendition of “My Funny Valentine.” One of their many moments in between love and hate on the 90s series Living Single. 

3. Ashley Banks gears for a new jill swing career

Will’s little cousin surprised the family when she opted to leave school for a budding singing career. A memorable scene is her singing “Make Up Your Mind” as Will and Carlton escape a fuming Uncle Phil.

4. Eddie Winslow sings with Tracie Spencer

The eldest Family Matters’ offspring sought stardom when singer Tracie Spencer was in Chicago for a concert. Disguised as a bellhop, Eddie sneaks to her Tracie’s hotel room and surprises her with a cover of her single” Tender Kisses.” His vocal runs would win any one over.

5. Tamera shines through heartbreak

Sister Sister had several musical moments, especially since co-star Marques Houston was none other than Immature’s Batman. But our first glimpse of the twins talent came when Tamera belts out a nice cover of the Rose Royce ballad, “I’m Goin’ Down.” She proved she was more than just the carefree sibling.

6. Gina and Pam battle for Biggie

Martin always had the best guest star appearances. When they welcomed The Notorious BIG as himself, the show made an instant classic. Gina and Pam sought to out-sing each other for Biggie’s attention for a chance to sing with him. Let the laughs ensue.

7. Danesha Turrell demands “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

Before the world knew Brandy or Moesha, Ms. Norwood was Danesha Turrell on Thea. The young actress stunned viewers with her big vocals in a cover of “Respect.”

8. Ladies of Lichtfield make a joyful noise

Joy is found in the smallest things at Orange Is the New Black’s Litchfield. And it was found during the Christmas pageant as inmates Taystee, Poussey and Black Cindy serenaded with a beautiful version of “Amazing Grace.”

9. Marcus Henderson and Macadocious

As the the musically-inclined older brother to Smart Guy’s TJ Henderson, Marcus won over hearts with his R&B vocals and strong personality. His group Macadocious was displayed many times throughout the show’s tenure.

10. Jaleesa and Whitley use their imagination

When Gladys Knight visited Hillman College, frenemies Whitley and Jaleesa called a truce seeking a chance to be Pips for a night. It stands as one of A Different World’s favorite episodes.

11. Claire Huxtable proves she was every woman

The lawyer and mother of five traded vocals with her father (Joe Williams) in a beautiful duet of “We Belong Together.”

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