UK-based Cloud Media Entertainment is teaming with producer Barry Navidi (The Merchant of Venice and King Lear adaptations – both starring Al Pacino) to develop a 3D animated feature based on Cedella Marley’s childrens’ book The Boy from Nine Miles.

Cedella Marley’s father is the late reggae legeng Bob Marley, and the children’s book is based on Bob Marley’s childhood.

It is also being turned into a musical theatre production.

I’m not familiar with the book. Any of you?

Here’s Amazon’s synop:

The Boy From Nine Miles begins in the small village where Nesta Robert Marley opened his eyes to the world. The story moves to the markets and streets of Kingston. Here, separated from his family, the five-year-old boy first felt the pain and sorrows of poverty. During his year-long stay in Kingston, the young Marley also found the music that was in his heart. By the time he returned to Nine Miles, he knew he would be a singer. Eloquently told by Cedella Marley and Gerald Hausman, The Boy From Nine Miles is illustrated by Mariah Fox in the folk art style of Jamaica. Complete with additional biographical material, a discography, Jamaican glossary, and a brief time-line, The Boy from Nine Miles is a wonderful introduction to Bob Marley that readers of all ages will cherish and enjoy.

Cedella Marley, who is also involved in the upcoming, long-in-development Bob Marley documentary (now being helmed by Kevin Macdonald), will be closely involved with the adaptation of her book – a project that’s being pitched at the American Film Market, which runs from November 2 to 9.

Stay tuned…