Been several months since we last wrote about this flick. Some of you might recall it; some of you who are relatively new here may have never heard of it… until now!

As a recap… it’s titled The Mortician from British director Gareth Maxwell Roberts, and it stars Method Man (as the titular mortician), Edward Furlong, Dash Mihok, Wendell Pierce , and others. It made its worldwide debut at the Berlin Film Festival in February this year, in the Panorama sidebar.

I should also make it clear that the film, which we first profiled in October 2009, was actually shot and will be released in 3D.

The official synopsis for this “technologically innovative and creatively groundbreaking… urban noir tale”reads:

THE MORTICIAN, one man’s struggle through the violence and corruption of a dying city where the poor are corralled into lawless ghettos. Alienated and cold, THE MORTICIAN processes the corpses with steely disregard. His new employee, NOAH, a volatile youth working as part of his parole, brings the notorious gangster, CARVER, to the mortuary door. The Mortician’s attention is pricked by the tattoo of ‘Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ inked on the body of a murdered woman, triggering a series of haunting dreams. Discovering a scared child, KANE, fleeing the morgue, he’s forced to act. Kane sparks The Mortician’s emotional awakening. They become reluctant allies struggling for redemption, determined to escape the physical and emotional chains that threaten to imprison them forever.

Fast-forward to this morning when I logged onto my laptop to find an email from director Gareth Roberts updating us on the film’s current status.

First, it now has an official trailer, which I embedded below; second, there have been a few hurdles which have prevented the film from progressing faster than it has; third, the film now has a US distribution deal with Grindstone Entertainment – a division of Mandate Pictures, which operates in partnership with Lionsgate, so we will hopefully get to see the film Stateside; fourth the film continues to tour the film festival circuit, from a screening at the German Fantasy fest currently, to the Sitges Film Festival and New Orleans Film Festival, both in October.

So, things are still very much moving along for the film.

When I last wrote about it, the entry contained several clips from the film, which I lost after Vimeo shut down my Vimeo account due to some, ahem, “rights violations;” but not because of the clips. I still have the clips on my computer and just need to re-upload them again to my Viddler account; and once I do that, I’ll share them here in a later post.

For now, here’s the film’s first official trailer; several still images and poster follow underneath: